June 20, 2016
Tom Tom Version Australia 22 & New Zealand 11 Now Available

Tom Tom has just released the latest version 22/11 update for selected brands and models.

Version 22/11 Features include:

Length of Road Covered:1,329,150 km

Clyde Road Update-Berwick

  • Duplication of Clyde Road between High St and Kangan Drive.

M80 Ring Road Upgrade – Western Freeway to Sunshine Avenue

  • Addition of 2 lanes in each directions, new traffic signalling and signpost information.

Western Highway Upgrade – Ballarat to Beaufort

  • Duplication of the Western Highway between Ballarat and Beaufort to provide 2 lanes in each direction.Princes Highway Duplication – Warn Ponds to Winchelsea
  • Duplication of current road to dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction.

Princes Highway Traralgon East – Stammers Road to Minnedale Road

  • 1.7km duplication of highway to two lanes median separated road in each direction.

Clyde Road Upgrade – Berwick

  • Duplication of road between High Street and Kangan Drive.

Dingley Arterial

  • Construction of new 3.5km four lane Dingley Arterial Road from Springvale Road to Perry Road, Keysborough.

Peninsula Link

  • Construction of 27km of freeway linking Mt Martha and Carrum Downs.

Nagambie Bypass

  • Extension of Goulburn Valley freeway route for 17km to the east of Nagambie between Mitchellstown Road and Moss Road.

Barwon Heads Bridge reconstruction. Reconstruction of Barwon

  • Heads bridge and construction of new pedestrian footbridge.

Calder Freeway

  • Kings Road intersection (Taylors Lakes). Extension of Kings Road to the Calder Freeway and construction of diamond intersection accessing the freeway.

Princes Highway (Traralgon East)

  • Duplication of freeway between Traralgon-Maffra Road and Stammers Road.

South Gippsland Highway upgrade

  • Stage 3: Cox's Bridge. Extension of freeway from Swing Bridge realignment to May Street in Sale.
  • Stage 3 : Cox's Bridge. Construction of new 2.8km section of highway above the South Gippsland Highway. Includes two new bridges, replacing Coxs Bridge.

Geelong Ring Road

  • Section 4B. 4.5 kilometre extension between Corio and Waurn Ponds.

Hallam Road upgrade (Hampton Park)

  • 2.5km divided road between Pound Road and Ormond Road in Hampton Park.

Bass Highway Duplication (Lang Lang to Anderson)

  • Highway duplication and creation of a new link road connecting the Bass Highway and Phillip Island Road.

Kingston Bypass

  • Construction of 2.8km dual carriageway between the Kingston interchange and Algona Road.

Rokeby Main Road Upgrade – Stage 1

  • Upgrade to 4 lane median barrier separated road from Diosma Street to east of Buckingham Drive and a new signalized junction at Pass Road.

Richmond Link Road

  • 1.4km road construction heavy vehicle traffic from the village of Richmond, linking Colebrook Main Road east and north of Victoria Street.

Brighton Bypass

  • Upgrade of Midland Highway to provide a bypass of Brighton and Pontville.

Main North Road (Horrocks Hwy) Realignment

  • Realignment of Main North Road and junction upgrades.

Britannia Intersection Upgrade

  • Conversion of roundabout to a four leg roundabout.

South Expressway Duplication

  • 18.5 km multi-lane, two-way expressway between Bedford Park and old Noarlunga.

McLaren Vale Overpass

  • Upgrade of Victor Harbor Road and Main Road Junction to an overpass.

Main North Road and Redbanks Road roundabout (Willaston)

  • Installation of roundabout at junction of Main North Road and Redbanks Road to improve traffic flow.

Main North Road realignment (Anama Lane)

  • Realignment of Main North Road and junction upgrades.

South Road Superway

  • 8km corridor, comprising of a 2.8km elevated Roadway, from the Port River Expressway to Regency Road.

Britannia Intersection Upgrade

  • Introduction of two new roundabouts and modification of existing roundabout.

Bunbury Outer Ring Road

  • Stage 1: Bunbury Port Access
  • Stage 2: 7k of new road providing access to Bunbury port, providing direct access to the port avoiding the city.


Cotter Road Duplication – Stage 1

  • Addition of new lanes between Dunrossil Drive and Yarralumla Creek Bridge.


Pacific Highway upgrade – Bulahdelah

  • Construction of about 8.6km of four lane divided road with an eastern

Bypass of Bulahdelah

  • Holbrook Bypass-Hume Highway
  • Construction of dual carriageway bypass to the west of Holbrook.

Pacific Highway Upgrade – Herons Creek to Stills Road

  • The Pacific Highway project between Herons Creek to Stills Road upgrade 3.5 km of Highway.

F3 Freeway to Newcastle

  • Upgrade of six intersections on the F3 Freeway at Seahampton and Newcastle.

Hunter Expressway (F3 to Branxton)

  • Construction of Freeway between Branxton and existing F3 Freeway.

Eskine Park Link Road

  • Four lane divided between Lenore Lane, Penrith and Old Wallgrove Road Blacktown.

M2 Upgrade

  • Speed restriction updates, additional of new lanes and interchange upgrade.

Princes Highway Improvements (South Nowra)

  • Upgrade of Princes Highway to four lanes along 6.3km of the highway.

New England Highway Upgrade - Harpers hill

  • Installation of a median safety barrier along the New England Highway between St Helena Close and the bottom of the cutting to the North of Oswald.

Wisemans Ferry Road Intersection Upgrade

  • Upgrade of the interchange with new on/off ramps and lanes to improve accessibility.

Central Coast Highways upgrade (Stage two) Matcham Road to view Drive

  • The project included widening the highway to provide two lanes in each direction, major intersection improvements and upgraded facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Princes Highway – Bega Bypass

  • 3.6km section of two lane rural highways, three bridges connecting communities with the Bega township.

Richmond Road Upgrade Between Bells Creek and Vine Street West

  • Road upgrade from 2 lane to 4 lane dual carriageway between Richmond Road and Vine Street West.

Newcastle Inner City Bypass –Sandgate and Shortland

  • 1.8km four lane divided carriageway Road forming part of the Newcastle inner city bypass.

Fitzgerald Bridge

  • Construction of new bridge over the Hunter River at Aberdeen.

Scholfields Road Upgrade – Stage 1: Windsor Road to Tallawong Road

  • Upgrade from a two lane to four lane divided road.

Great Western Highway Upgrade – Bullaburra West

  • Widening of existing highway to four lane 400m west of Genevieve Road, Bullaburra and Tableland Road.

Pacific Highway Upgrade – Tintenbar to Ewingsdale

  • Upgrade of 17 kilometres highway from the Northern end of the Ballina

Bypass at Ross Lane and extending to the Ewingsdale interchange

F3 Tuggerah interchanges upgrade (Wyong Road, Mardi)

  • Upgrade to intersections of the interchange ramps with Wyong Road and new entry ramp for N-Bound traffic.

M2 Upgrade

  • Addition of four new ramps to improve motorway accessibility.

Princes Highway upgrade (Victoria Creek to Narooma)

  • A new bridge replacing the narrow bridge (built in 1935) over Victoria Creek, new overtaking lanes in both directions and new access points linking the old highway to the new highway for properties affected.

Pacific Highway upgrade (Devils Pulpit)

  • Upgrade of the Devils Pulpit section of the Pacific Highway between Grafton and Ballina.

Pacific Highway upgrade (Herons Creek to Stills Road)

  • Construction of the Bago Road interchange and upgrade of existing road between Herons Creek and Stills Road.

Pacific Highway upgrade (Bulahdelah)

  • Construction of about 8.6 kilometres of four lane divided road with an eastern bypass of the Bulahdelah township.

Erskine Park Link Road.

  • Link between the NSW Government's Western Sydney Employment Area and the M4 and M7 Motorways.

Holbrook Bypass - Hume Highway

  • Construction of dual carriageway bypass to the west of Holbrook.

Kempsey Bypass

  • Construction of a 14.5 kilometre four-lane divided highway with bypasses of Kempsey and Frederickton.

Princes Highway

  • Bega Bypass

Pacific Highway upgrade

  • Sapphire to Woolgoolga
  • Fitzgerald Bridge and Road approaches.


Pacific Motorway Upgrade: Springwood to Daisy Hill

  • Intersection upgrades, including new on and off ramps at Loganlea Road and Winnets Road and Chatswood Road.

Pacific Motorway Upgrade: Robina Interchange

  • Replacement of existing roundabouts with synchronized traffic lights.

Tamborine Village Roundabout

  • Upgrade of roundabout with realignment to road geometry.

Redlands Corridor Program Section A Mount Cotton Road upgrades: Stage 1

  • Replacement of the roundabout at Mount Gravatt - Capalaba Road and Mount Cotton Road.

Francis Road Overpass Project

  • Four lane bridge over rail line at Francis Road, Lawton.

Bruce Highway Duplication and Intersection Upgrade Mackay - Temples Lane to Farellys Road

  • Signalization of the Temples Lane intersection.

Cardwell Range Upgrade Project

  • This project consists of a 4km Road realignment over the Cardwell Range.

Warrego Highway and Brisbane Valley Highway (Blacksoil Interchange Upgrade)

  • Construction of an overpass between the Brisbane Valley Highway and Wulkuraka Connection Road, over the Warrego Highway and the installation of an interchange.

Pumicestone Road/Bruce Highway Interchange Upgrade

  • Upgrade includes a new 6.5m high 2-lane overpass over the highway, upgraded entry and exit ramps and upgraded ramp and local road intersection.

Bruce Highway – Palmview Access Upgrade

  • Construction of new off ramp and improvements to existing Road surface.

Telegraph Road Open level Crossing Replacement Project

  • Construction of new overpass to replace the Telegraph Road open level crossing.

Robinson Road open Level Crossing Replacement Project

  • Construction of new overpass to replace the Robinson Road open level crossing.

Gateway Upgrade South Project and South East Busway Extension – Stage 2
Section B

  • Extension of the Gateway Motorway southbound on-ramp

Pacific Motorway.
Bruce Highway Upgrade Cooroy to Curra (Section A) – Gardners Road/Pomona Connection Road Intersection

  • Realignment of Gardners and Pomona Road.

Bruce Highway Upgrade Cooroy to Curra (Section A) – Black Mountain Range Road Relocation

  • Re-alignment of 0.85km Black Mountain Road and construction of new

Bruce Highway Upgrade: Back Creek Range

  • Realignment of a 3.7km section of the highway at Back Creek Range, 24km North of Gin Gin.

Calliope Crossroads Intersection Upgrade

  • Bridge carrying Bruce Highway over Dawson Highway, dedicated on-off ramps and traffic light intersections for outbound traffic flow. The existing bridge will be used for inbound traffic flow.

Francis Road Overpass projects. Construction four lane bridge with pedestrian pathways and bike lanes over the railway at Francis Road, Lawnton.

Redlands Corridor Program Mount Cotton Road Upgrades - Stage 1.

Safety and traffic flow improvements including duplication from two lanes to four, intersection upgrades and right turn lanes.

Port Connect. Duplication of the existing Port of Brisbane Motorway and 3km, 4-lane extension through to Pritchard St, Lytton.

Bruce Highway upgrade from Cooroy to Curra. Section B – Upgrade and realignment of the Bruce Highway between Sankeys Road to Traveston Road.

Francis Road Overpass Project. Four lane bridge and connecting roads over the railway at Francis Road. (Lawnton)

Ipswich Motorway upgrade. Dinmore to Goodna Widening of 8km of the Ipswich motorway between Dinmore and Goodna.

Mount Lindesay Highway. Rosia Road to Chambers Flat Road - Construction of grade separated interchange.

Pacific Motorway - Robina Interchange. Lengthening and widening of on and off ramps and replacement of roundabouts with traffic signal intersections.

Pacific Motorway upgrade - Springwood to Daisy Hill. Replacement of Longlea Road bridge, upgraded interchange and road widening.

Redlands Corridor Program. Section B: Mount Cotton Road, Broadwater Road and Duncan Road upgrade.

Tamborine-Oxenford Road upgrade. Construction of new bridge and construction of roundabout on intersection with Oxenford-Coomera Gorge Road.

Tuckers Creek Bridge Duplication. Duplication of Tuckers Creek Bridge.

Bruce Highway and Warner Road intersection upgrade. Intersection raised by 250mm, traffic signals, islands and turning lanes installed.

Bruce Highway Upgrade: Isis River Bridge. Construction of a wider new bridge to replace the existing bridge.

Calliope Range Realignment: Dawson Highway. Realignment of the Dawson Highway along the Calliope Range to provide straighter passage.

Douglas Arterial Duplication. 5.6km duplication of the Douglas Arterial providing a median divided four lane motorway.

Townsville Port Access Road: Section 2 Eastern Access Corridor. Construction of new 7.5km Road linking the Stuart Bypass to the Port of Townsville.

Morayfield Road Upgrade Bruce Highway to Gaffield Street - Stage 1. Upgrade between the Bruce Highway and Gaffield Street to median-divided 4 lane road, with provision for 6 lane.

Gracemere Industrial Access Project. Construction of new road and rail overpass to provide access to industrial land south of the Capricorn Highway, between Gracemere and Kabra.

Bruce Highway duplication and intersection upgrades (Temples Lane to Farrellys Road). Duplication of highway between Temples Lane and Farrellys Road with intersection updates.

Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade (Sheehy Road to Ray Jones Drive). Construction of half diamond interchange and installation of pedestrian bridge.

Bruce Highway (Yeppen Lagoon Bridge). Construction of new bridge for outbound traffic


Tiger Brennan Drive: Berrimah Road Rail Overpass

  • Construction of rail overpass to replace existing level crossing.

Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication – Dinah Beach Road to Woolner Road

  • Signalise intersection of Tiger Brennan Drive and Dinah Beach Road, duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive.
  • Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication - Dinah Beach Road to Woolner Road.


Great Western Highway/Roe Highway Interchange

  • New interchange and duplication of bridge over the Great Eastern Highway.

Hepburn Avenue Second Carriageway Construction

  • Upgrade of Hepburn Avenue from single to dual carriageway.

Dampier Highway Upgrade Stage 2

  • Construction of 12.3km of highway with twelve intersecting roads along the section.

Caves Road/Cape Naturaliste Road Roundabouts

  • Addition of new roundabouts replacing traffic light signals.

Murdoch Drive and South Street intersection Upgrade

  • Addition of new turning lanes and lengthening of existing turn lanes.

Mitchell Freeway Widening Project

  • A third Northbound lane has been constructed on the Mitchell Freeway

Northbound along the 7.2km stretch between Hepburn Avenue andHodges Drive.

Great Eastern Highway (Belmont)

  • Widening Great Eastern Highway from four to six lanes between

Kooyong Road (Riverdale) and Tonkin Highway (Redcliffe).

Northbridge Tunnel Widening

  • Addition of third land to tunnel for both directions of travel.

Reid Highway – Lord Street Intersection Upgrade

  • Upgrade of Reid Highway to dual carriageway and intersection upgradesincluding doubling turning lane and four way intersection with completerealignment of Lord Street southbound.

Mundijong Road Extension

  • Five-kilometre extension of Mundijong Road connecting the Kwinana

Freeway, from the Baldivis Road exit, to Mandurah and Dixon Roads.

Flynn Drive Realignment and Intersection Upgrade

  • Construction of a new traffic signal controlled intersection withWanneroo Road. New carriageway as realigned between Wanneroo Roadeastwards through to connection with the existing Flynn Drive alignment.

Eelup Roundabout upgrade. Upgrade of roundabout joining Australind Bypass, Sandridge Road, Robertson Drive and Koombana Drive.

Tonkin Highway & Morley Drive intersection upgrade. Improved road alignment, turning lane modifications and upgrades to median islands.

Dampier Highway upgrade (Stage 2).Duplication of Dampier Highway between Balmoral Road West intersection and Burrup Road.

Northbridge Tunnel widening.


SH82 Waitaki River Bridges Replacement

  • Replacement of bridge crossing the Waitaki River.

SH1 Alabama Road Improvements

  • Upgrade of SH1, Alabama Road intersection.

SH1/SH71 Lineside Road Interchange Upgrade

  • Construction of new Northbound and Southbound ramps and updatedtraffic signals.

SH1 Johns Road: The Groynes to Sawyer Arms Road

  • Upgrade of Highway to four lane median divided carriageway.

SH60 at Birds Hill

  • Restoration of road to two lanes and structural safety improvements.

Christchurch Southern Corridor: Stage 1. Four lane median-separated motorway between Collins Street and Halswell Junction Road.


SH1 Whangarei Upgrade – SH1/SH14 Intersection

  • Upgrade of intersection to median divided road and improvements to connecting roads.

SH1/Otaihanga Road Intersection Safety Improvements

  • Construction of two lane three leg roundabout to replace intersection of Otaihanga Road and SH1.

Arden Cottage Curves Realignment (Athenree Gorge)

  • Straightening of the SH2 at Arden Cottage.

Sun Valley/Pareteiro Curves realignment

  • Straightening of the SH33 Highway and addition of a passing lane towards Rotorua.

Phase 1: Panmure Construction

  • Construction of new interchange in Panmure Road, linking Mt WellingtonHighway and Morrin Road and construction on new walking/cycling paths and busy way bridge.

Lower Hatea River Crossing (Hatea River Bridge)

  • Construction of new bridge crossing lower Hatea River.

Waitkato Expressway – Ngaruawahia Section

  • Construction of four lane expressway heading south from Gordonton Road to interchange connecting SH1

SH1 Te Rapa Road and Eagle Way Intersection Upgrade

  • Removal of existing roundabout and widening of the Road to accommodate for additional lanes.

SH1/SH5 Tirau Intersection Upgrade

  • The intersection has been upgraded to a four legged roundabout.

Arden Cottage Curves Realignment (Athenree Gorge)

  • Realignment of Road.

Lake Road 4-Lanning (Rotorua)

  • Widening of Lake Road to four lanes to improve access.

Hamilton Ring Road – Ruakura to Cambridge Road

  • 2.5 km extension of Wairere Drive, from Ruakura Road to Cobham Drive.

Sun Valley/Pareteiro Curves realignment.

Waikato Expressway (Te Rapa Bypass). New 6km route bypassing the existing section of SHi1 between Hutchinson Road in Horotiu and Gilchrist Street near Wintec Campus. Includes widening of Avalon Driveto four lanes

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