Why do i need to update my map?

Routes are changing on a daily basis and points of interest are added regularly. Profit fully from your navigation system with the latest maps and features. Like this you will not only have the best routing but will also save time. Take advantage of the newest maps available and improve your driving experience.

New maps are available annually but they don’t update automatically. So to stay up to speed with the thousands of updates made to roads, businesses and other points of interest, it makes sense to update your maps regularly.

To keep your sat nav up to date with your lifestyle and hunger for adventure, don’t delay update your map today.

What has changed since the last update?

It’s a pretty common misconception that Australian and New Zealand roads don’t change that much.  So, when people ask us about this they are often surprised to learn that each new release of TomTom Maps mapping software actually captures between 10,000 km and 15,000 km of new roads and re-verifies approximately 250,000 km every year!

Believe it or not, Australia and New Zealand is made up of more than 1,400,000 kms of roads and highways and, with an ever increasing population there’s going to be no shortage of more new roads, developments and suburbs popping up.  It’ll be hard to keep up.

We've got all the toys

As Australia’s and New Zealand's local mapping expert, TomTom uses cutting-edge navigation technology built and maintained in Australia and New Zealand to ensure the most advanced level of data and accuracy is achieved.

Dead reckoning data aquisitioning systems including milspec gyroscopes, accelerometers and differential global positioning systems ensure optimum accuracy – even in tunnels.

Meanwhile, on the road, five state of the art innovative cameras are mounted to each vehicle enabling our driver teams to capture intricate details of the landscape including road curvature, road slopes, lane markings and signs to sub-metre accuracy.