For Smarter Travelling

TomTom collects all kinds of data, however the exact features you experience depend on the manufacturer and model of your navigation device or the navigation application you’re using.

Advanced Lane Guidance

  • Guidance on the best lane to be in to prepare yourself for an upcoming turn, exit or to continue on your current course
  • Full-length lane guidance on major roads across Australia and New Zealand

Orientation Aids

  • More than 300 realistic digital photo representations of major road junctions
  • 3D landmarks, landscapes and cities, as well as 2D city maps for major cities in Australia and New Zealand
  • Extensive points of interest providing greater detail on essential discoveries
  • Tourist roads and 4WD tracks taking you safely off the beaten track

Covering the Population

We've indexed our way down the narrowest of city lanes, mapped the easiest routes to everything from ATMs to restaurants and have even extended our rural coverage so it’s no wonder Australia's leading GPS devices rely on TomTom data.

In fact, TomTom Map data covers 99.1% of the street network in Australia and New Zealand - that’s pretty much everywhere!

Because Size Matters

For the number crunchers out there, the latest TomTom map version 22.0/11.0 comes armed with:  

Version Number Length of Roads Covered (KM)
Version 25/14 TomTom 1,523,147
Version 24/13 TomTom 1,509,759
Version 24/13 TomTom 1,509,759
Version 23/12 TomTom 1,459,541
Version 22/11 TomTom 1,329,150
Version 21/10 Whereis® Maps 1,322,187
Version 20/9 Whereis® Maps 1,318,325
Version 19/8 Whereis® Maps 1,303,570